Villa Rental Agreement

On this contract the one who booked or rented villa from KASKA VİLLA  will be referred as tenant and hirer will be referred KASKA VİLLA .

This contractmade between the tenant and the Kaska Villa for the renting of any apartment or villa listed on the website for a predetermined period between the start and end dates.

Upon payment of the prepayment and the completion of the reservation, the tenant and his / her companions accept the following conditions in advance. Anycontrary action to any of the following conditions, gives the cancellation right to Kaska Villa unilaterally; and gives the right of if KASKA VİLLA wants tenant to leave the villa and not to return the receive thepayment ; tenant should accept.

Tenants cannot transfer their rights and obligations arising from this agreement to third parties without Kaska Villa's approval; Kaska Villa may transfer its rights and obligations arising from this contract to third parties.

30% of the total rental price is taken as a prepayment in order to make the reservation. After the prepayment is made, information about the reservation is sent to the lessee via e-mail. Upon the completion of the prepayment, the Lessee agrees to the terms and conditions in this agreement.

If the tenant wants to leave the villa or leaves without any reason there will be no refund by KASKA VİLLA.

KASKA VİLLA invoice the commission bill due to being estate agent between the tenant and villa/apart owner.

There is no refund for the prepayment sent for booking.

In case of cancellation of reservation remaining 60 days or more to check-in date %50 of the total price; 60 days between 31 days %70 of the total price will be charged from the tenant. In case of cancellation of reservation remaining 30 days or less or if the tenant doesn’t check-in the villa without ant right reason %100 total of the total price will be charged from the tenant.

In case of request to change the date of booking, if the owner of the villa / apartment accepts, the date can be changed with an additional fee of 250 TL; but the selected villa / apartment cannot be changed.

Cancellation of the reservation made by the villa / apartment owner or by Kaska Villa; Kaska Villa is obliged to return the full prepayment of the tenant.

KASKA VİLLA is a website company which is being estatement agency between tenants and villa/apart owners. KASKA VİLLA is not responsible for any problems (accident, illness, fire, theft, death, drowning, trip, shopping, food, entertainment, transportation, travel, power outage). All responsibility is on owner of the villa/apart.Kaska Villa is only responsible for transferring complaints from the tenant to the relevant persons as soon as possible.

There is no extra charge for pool and garden cleaning, electricity, gas, water and internet.

Personnel who is responsible for pool maintenance should be in the areas where required for periodic maintenance.

 On daily, weekly and monthly rentals check-in cleaning is included in the price; the weekly cleaning is included in the price for rentals over a week; extra cleaning or change of sheets cost extra fee.

On heated pools the heat of the pool may be changed between 20-29 Celsius. In case of power cut KASKA VİLLA is not taking the response.

KASKA VİLLA is not responsible for the disease and allergy caused by the water coming from the swimming pool and shower.

KASKA VİLLA is not responsible for the animals, insects and man-made fragrances in or around the rented apart / villa. This may be the case for villas in nature.

When the tenants arrive the villa/apart deposit between 500-1000 TL will be charged; while tenants are leaving villa/apart will be controlled and if there is no damage in the villa and if they leave it clean deposit will given back to tenants. But if there is a damage that will be fixed and the rest of the deposit will given back to tenant. If deposit not enough for the damage the rest amount will be charged cash from the tenant.

It is not allowed to accommodate more people than the number of given during booking period. If there are more people than specified on reservation the owner of villa /apart has right to expel or demand extra fee.

Every person even children over 2 is counted as person to accommodate.

Pets and smoking are not allowed in the rented villa / apartment.

Check-in time for rented villa / apartment is 15:00, and the latest check-out time is 10:00.

The tenants are advised to take out personal insurance, such as life, health, theft and travel.

If the tenants do behave in a way that offend or constitute a crime during the lease; KASKA VİLLA has the right to cancel the reservation of tenants and there is no refund to the tenants.

The villas in the conservative category do not receive a 100% guarantee that they will not be visible from the outside, and Kaska Villa will not be responsible for any inconvenience.

Kaska Villa does not share the personal information of tenants such as name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address with third parties; this information is used to receive statistical data and to make campaign information. In the event that these data are received by third parties as a result of cyber attacks; Kaska Villa does not accept responsibility.

Access of tenants to the villa/apart is on their own responsibility.

Kaska Villa is not responsible for any problems related to the road, geographical location, decoration and materials used for the rented villa / apartment.

The geographic location data provided by Kaska Villa are approximate.

Accidents, problems or deaths that may be caused by the facilities used in the construction of the property; or health problems such as insect bites, poisoning and allergy KASKA VİLLA is NOT responsible.

Kaska Villa is not responsible for the problems such as insects and pests in our villa / apartment options that we offer in nature.

No refunds will be made for any cancellations made in the out-of-control social incidents (such as war threat, terrorist activities, natural disasters, health risks and severe weather conditions).

Lease conditions are fully valid in case of cancellation of permission of public or private company employees.

In case of malfunctions resulting from rental villa and not being repaired, payment is made by calculating the number of days not accommodated in the residence, the days of the stay is not refundable.

The tenant has to enter the leased apartment or the villa at the time of agreedpay as cash the remaining payment; If the tenant wishes to check-in on a different date within the reservation period, the rest of the reservation payment is obliged to complete on the reservations actual starting date. In the event that payment is not made, Kaska Villa is entitled to take legal remedies.

Tenants have no right to end up this contract unilateral by the orders of Distance Selling Agreement of Turkey Republic.

The tenant who has booked any villa or apartment is deemed to have fully read and accepted the above terms and conditions on this contract. Any violation of these terms and conditions gives Kaska Villa the right to cancelthe reservation unilateral , non-refundable payment and demand full payment.

In case of disputes that may arise in relation to this contract, the Enforcement Offices and Courts of Kaş shall be authorized.







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