Kaş Holiday Villas

Rental Villas in Kas

Kaş is one of the most preferred places for vacationers who want to have a relaxing rest with the unique view of the sea. Therefore, the importance of rental villas for rent in Kas is increasing day by day. Instead of the small and four-walled rooms of the hotels vacationers to see all the energy of nature in their room when they wake up in the morning will prefer the summer villas. With its stylish design and modern decoration, holiday villas in Kaş have a beautiful aesthetics and will open the door to a luxurious holiday. Don't worry, of course the rental villas are thinking of you so much; it also protects your holiday budget. In addition to the private pool facilities in the villas, the proximity to the sea will be the reason for preference. Kaska Villa will be your first choice when you want to come to Kas and have a unique holiday.

Gorgeous Holiday in Kas

The romantic beaches where thesun lights end and the lands where you can smell the freedom at every step; this is the most beautiful definition of Kas. Kas is such beautiful holiday region that if you have been there once you will always miss. All the tiredness of life will be thrown in this heavenly place, vacationers who want to see cultural places will find so many options in Kas. Kas, which has unlimited advantages from sea tourism to historical places, good food and very good accommodationselections ; It is also often preferred for villa holiday.

Transfer and Route for Kas

Those who want to go to Kas should prefer Dalaman as the airport. To get to Kaş from Dalaman, you have to go 155 km. It is possible to come from Fethiye Bus Station to Kaş. Passing Kas from Fethiye means 110 kilometers. Vacationers who want to go to Kaş via Antalya should follow the route of Kemer-Finike and Demre. After the Ağullu Village, the magnificent view of Kas will be waiting for you. During this 170 km journey, many natural and historical beauties accompany you.

Where to go in Kaş?

Kaputaş Beach, which is 20 km away, is one of the most attractive and fascinating beaches of our country. The reason for staying away from the eyes is that it is a beach in the mouth of the canyon occurred by alluvium.Kekova is one of the nicest places hidden in the nature because of the none land transportation. Kekova is the pearl of our country asthe sunken city and it is one of the places where people who come to Kas should see. Boat trips are always organized from the centre of Kas to go to Kekova. And Demre, one of the most charming districts of Antalya, is one of the gorgeous places that vacationers should see when they arrive in Kaş. Demre, which is 40 km away, can be reached by regular trips. Saklıkent Canyon, which has been the national park since 1996, is a natural wonder that hosts 63 km away from Kaş and many species of nature sports are available.





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