Kekova Island

Kekova Island

A Day in the Sunken City Kekova

Kekova; It is a natural paradise, where there are many historical ruins under and above the water, where the green is intertwined with the blue. You can reach there by boat from Üçağız, where you can see the ancient ruins around, there is Kekova Island where the historical Sunken City is located, and there is also the castle of Simena where is known as Kaleköy for local people. That place is a piece of heaven on earth where local people mostly live on by sea tourism and sea products.

Like blue dancing with the green; In this port city of ancient times, it is possible to see the remnants of many civilizations that lived and ruled over for years. From the Hellenistic period to the Byzantine period, this area was home to many civilizations; like an open air museum.

Kekova Island

Thanks to the glass windows beneath most boats in the Kekova region, it is possible to see the underwater part of the ruins of the Sunken City on Kekova Island; the historic ruins surrounding the island also offer a very clear and attractive history journey. It is forbidden to swim and stop the boats that are organizing the tour in this area; Therefore, it is possible to see this region on a fast tour with an average time of 10 minutes.

Castle of Simea (Kalekoy)

The island of Simena and Simena Castle, which are frequented by boat tours in the region, were built by Lycians at a height to offer you unique nature views. This castle, which is at an altitude where you can catch beautiful squares on your visit to Kekova, offers you a unique history journey in the middle of the sea. Because the construction on the island is forbidden; A number of cafeterias and restaurants have been created with the restoration of old houses in the area. You should not return home without the pleasure of homemade ice cream in these places running by the local people.

Why should go to Kekova?

Kekova tour is a good choice for a pleasant day. If your goal is a cultural trip that is intertwined with nature and you like to explore, Kekova is your address. Accommodation options are limited to hostels; However, you can stay in these areas as it is close to the Kas and Kalkan area. You can start to plan a pleasant holiday by finding a suitable villa or apartment in the regions section of our website.


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