Kaş and Kalkan

Kaş and Kalkan

By The Locals Kaş and Kalkan

Kaş and Kalkan are holiday resorts located in the western part of Antalya. Rental villas, daily rental apartments and pension types are quite intensive in this region. Although Kalkan is a neighborhood of Kaş; it is possible to find two different holiday conception and taste. Accompanying the remains left by the Lycian Civilization, which had existed in these regions 3,000 years ago; blue flag beaches and green slopes are just a few of the many natural beauties that make this area attractive.The surrounding Taurus Mountains and the slopes of the coastline have caused the region to remain untouched and virgin.

Kekova, close to the region, is a sea town surrounded by bays and it is the only sunken city in our country. Demre is also located in this region together with the Santa Claus Church and Myra Ancient City. The 18 km long Patara Beach and the Ancient City, which have been home to desert and sandy scenes in the movies, are also located in this region. In Saklıkent canyon, you can feel the unbelievable presence of nature in the spring water flowing through the mountains. You will enjoy the excitement you will have to leave yourself in the blue of the stairs that you will use to reach the Kaputaş beach between Kaş and Kalkan. In the ancient cities of Xantos and Letoon, you can see the works of the Lycian Civilization that have witnessed history.

Kaş is also an international diving center and many national and international athletes come here to dive.

All inclusivefive star hotel concept is not available in the region. Rental villas, daily rental apartments, boutique hotels and pensions make you feel the town much more and to smell the history and nature more. Also as a holiday organization in the region; safari, horse riding, boat trip, canoe, water sports and etc. are available activities.

On our website you can see the rental villas with unseen pool and garden area, honeymoon villas, villas with sea view. Selections are available in many categories.

We want to confirm that with the pride of being local in the region of Kas and Kalkan; Before seeing the stars in this region, watching the sunset in Patara, without loving the goats in Kekova, without feeling the cold water in Saklikent ; do not say you have been in Mediterranean… 

Enjoy your time…


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