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Rental Villas in Bezirgan

Perhaps the best way to get away from city life is by the villa holiday. Rental villa options in Bezirgan are perhaps one of the most peaceful of rental villa options. You can enjoy your private pool and villa with the green calmness of the village. Our rental villa options in Bezirgan offer a different, peaceful holiday for our guests. We invite you to enjoy the village Bezirgan with many different options such as villas with unseen pool, honeymoon villas and winter villas.

Holiday in Bezirgan Village

Bezirgan is 17 km from the center of Kalkan and located on a plateau between the mountains above the sea, Bezirgan offers you a different holiday concept with the advantages of the cool air with its nature and altitude. You can collect pleasant memories on holiday that is intertwined with village life.

How to reach Bezirgan Village

Bezirgan village, is in Kalkan area in Antalya, 17 km from the center of Kalkan. We advise you to come with your own car or to rent a car. The nearest airport is Dalaman Airport. It is 120 km to Dalaman Airport and 200 km to Antalya Airport. You can come from the airport by transfer or public transportation, and you can also go to the center of Kalkan by taxi or by public transport passing every hour.

Advantages of Vacation in Bezirgan

Bezirgan offers a holiday opportunity away from stress with poplar trees, gardens and tranquil village life. You can visit the barn houses surrounded by meadows within the village, you can wander in the ancient city of Pirha and take a look at the ruins. You can sit in the village cafe and get involved in the public and discover the joy of the Mediterranean people. While walking through the village, you will be delighted to taste the fruits of the roadside gardens. You can explore the region easily with its proximity to the center of Kalkan.


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